Marinstall Supply Services

Marinstall is an independent company enabling us to purchase and supply lights, buoys and associated materials from the product range of industry manufacturers directly or through agency/distributor networks worldwide. Since 1988, we have supplied products from most of the AtoN manufacturing companies to UK and international clients.

Working with small and large manufacturers and system designers focusing on the operational performance and application requirements for modern AtoN systems, we are able to provide customised or standard marine lighting to meet almost any range and configuration requirement for night and day duty applications.

We supply stand alone or integrated solar LED lanterns, sector and projector lights, external power supplies, radar reflectors and support structures of mild steel, GRP, rotationally moulded plastic, HDPE, aluminium, stainless steel or concrete. Where appropriate, we design and fabricate battery boxes, columns and solar module mounting framework and have supplied customised base hinged columns on a number of projects where security and operator safety are paramount.

We supply and install navigation and mooring buoys in steel, rotationally moulded plastic and elastomer foam including moorings and sinkers to suit a wide range of floating requirements.

Turnkey and support service contracts overseas and in the UK have been completed using a combination of products selected from various manufacturers to achieve the optimum cost effective performance in reliability and through life cost. The logistics of shipping, access, installation and maintenance play an important part in the recommendation and selection of specific products for our clients.

We have designed lighting and passive radar reflector arrangements for renewable energy consortiums and major offshore construction companies in recent years and working directly with specialist fabricators and manufacturers, we have provided technical support, navigation and mooring buoys and components to marine contractors and operators in the UK and overseas.

For non-standard control, monitoring, telemetry and marine communication requirements we work closely with a UK based company with over 30 years UK and international experience in communication systems, software design and component manufacturing for the marine and aviation industry.

Marinstall provides back to back product after sales terms with our suppliers and our installation work carries a 12 month guaranty.