Marinstall Installation

Marinstall has undertaken a wide range of works in the UK varying in size from lamp changing on a solitary navigation buoy off the Kent coast to the Walney Channel Dredging project in the early 1990s.

We have completed mains to solar conversions, lightsource and power supply modernisation and upgrades for defence contractors, Borough Councils, Marinas and major port operators. We have completed turnkey contracts on the Millennium Dome, BA London Eye, Greenwich Yacht Club, Wandsworth Riverside Quarter and Greenwich Piers on the River Thames.

Working with the main contractor, the consulting engineer and harbour authority, we were active in the design and carried out the supply and installation works for the navigation light scheme for the Yell Sound project in the Shetland Islands, the navigation light system on the new A249 Sheppey Crossing and the Erskine Bridge on the River Clyde and have completed new and upgrade projects at numerous ports and harbours around the coast of the UK.

Our international activities are as diverse as the project locations and have included the installation of solar beacons in Belize, buoy and fixed station works assembly and installation in Sarawak, major lighthouse upgrading in Singapore and surveys of lighthouses and leading lights in Latvia. Turnkey contracts have included the establishment of a major light in the southern Red Sea and design, supply and installation packages in support of a Port Rehabilitation programme in Somaliland.

We have undertaken AtoN rehabilitation projects, non-standard and unique application contracts and particularly the planning and execution of buoyage works and have provided guidance and on-site services to lights, buoy, moorings and specialised structure manufacturers, port authorities, marine construction companies, consulting engineers and dredging contractors worldwide.

With the continuing advances in LED technology, we practise a pragmatic approach to training requirements and can facilitate in depth theory and practical training at specific manufacturers facilities and factories, if appropriate. We are able to tailor a preliminary on-site training programme for all levels of management, crew and maintenance operatives for fixed station and buoy works and moorings.

Marinstall has been directly associated with over 80 AtoN projects in more than 30 countries worldwide including the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North, East and West Africa and various projects in Central and South East Asia.

We have worked hard to build a reputation for planning and completing works in remote locations and are recognised as a genuine, concept to commissioning service provider.