Marinstall Consultancy

Marinstall’s initial consultancy assignment was in 1993/4 when we were engaged as the Engineer’s Representative to oversee the installation of over 30 steel navigation buoys and fixed station aids including lattice steel towers, racons, leading lights and the refurbishment of 4 major lights in Cameroon.

Since 1995, we have provided floating and fixed station AtoN support to a major UK MoD contractor primarily with bid support followed by a number of Ad hoc projects between 1997 and 2004 when we were engaged on comprehensive support for UK MoD tenders.

This was followed by a two year engagement throughout the preferred bidder stage of the same tender where Marinstall was responsible for the design and modernisation of the lighting, power system and passive radar reflector performance on over 150 navigation buoys. We also established new mooring maintenance codes and were instrumental in the modernisation of afloat and shoreside buoy maintenance procedures leading to significant short and long term savings for the client and contractors.

Historically, many of our enquiries are generated by AtoN tender specifications which may have little relevance to modern Aids to Navigation requirements or materials. Tender specifications, particularly for navigation buoys, often describe products which are easily identifiable with a particular manufacturer.

Whilst this is understandable, it inevitably results in a long clarification process which, in some cases has not only added many months and additional costs to a tender process but has resulted in a tender being withdrawn or at best, postponed. We would be pleased to discuss the details of this service on request.

Marinstall is currently providing AtoN related consultancy support to UK and international port owners, operators, developers and authorities.