About Marinstall

Based on the north Kent coast in the UK, Marinstall was established in July 1988 by proprietor David Lanigan following over 10 years direct employment as an installation and service engineer for one of the industry leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of Marine Aids to Navigation systems and products. Our background prior to 1978 was in the UK and international offshore construction, maintenance and marine civil engineering diving industry.

Today, our core business remains the provision of installation, supply and comprehensive support services to the Aids to Navigation manufacturing industry and it’s consumers. Clients include UK and overseas equipment manufacturers, Port & Harbour Authorities, marine construction and engineering companies, dredging contractors, Marinas and defence contractors. We also work directly and indirectly with GLAs, LLAs, Consulting Engineers, Port Advisors and developers, Marine Pilots, Hydrographic Surveyors, Master Mariners, maritime organisations and general marine contractors and operators worldwide.

Our customers appreciate the value of our independent status and ability to work closely with their own personnel to interpret the requirements for a proposal or project. This approach enables us to utilise resources to meet the demands of planning, development, engineering, supply, installation and support logistics.

Essentially, we provide an experience based interface and guidance role, typically at the preliminary stages of a project to initially assist with clarification, updating and fine tuning third party specifications in order to meet appropriate performance standards. Our flexible, comprehensive and proactive approach combined with the freedom to openly supply materials from any manufacturer frequently generates practicable, cost effective methodology in support of the overall development and execution of AtoN projects, on time and frequently under budget.

One of the characteristics of our service is our willingness and ability to accept challenging projects and commissions which require an unconventional and flexible approach. We are conversant with the process to support and maintain the upkeep of nautical charting and List of Lights publications for all areas.

We are currently involved in feasibility and preliminary works and support roles on a number of UK and international AtoN projects. Marinstall has contributed directly to AtoN works in the military, commercial, oil and gas, renewable energy, fishing and private ownership markets and our hall marks have been described as diligence, perseverance, durability, reliability and integrity.